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10 Adventure Weddings in the UK

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Adventurous weddings are the current fad in the UK. A lot of young couples are looking to get married in new unusual ways since having a wedding that is out of the ordinary is quite thrilling. A wedding should be a day to remember forever and couples who get married in adventurous weddings try to create such memorable experiences for themselves through these novel, exciting and unforgettable weddings. Are you looking to have an adventurous wedding that will blow your mind away?  If you are, you may want to try one of these 10 adventure weddings that you can have in the UK.





1. Mountain top wedding: Climb to a high mountain top with your beloved and get married in the majestic heights of a mountain from where you can declare your love to the whole world below. It is quite an exciting way to get married and part of the fun is the climb which can be compared to how you have worked hard to move up in your relationship.


2. Bungee jumping or zip lining: What better way to take the plunge to get married than to jump off a bridge or cliff together with your bride or groom while attached to a bungee cord or zip line? It is symbolic of the trust and faith that you have for each other.




3. Hot air balloon wedding: It would be just grand to get married in a hot air balloon while floating through the clouds almost as if your marriage is made in heaven!


4. Cycling wedding: A cycling wedding is perfect for people who love mountain biking and speed. You could both ride next to each other as you say your vows and ride off into the sunset as a newly married couple. Of course the bride would have to wear a much shorter dress if she plans on cycling.


5. Horseback riding: This is an ideal adventure wedding for people who love horses and are good horseback riders. You could make a cowboy theme out of it and wear ranch style clothes as you get married on horseback.




6. Sky diving: Another great way to marry among the clouds but this is for people who love things that are far more extreme. It’s the ultimate adventure wedding.


7. Jet-ski weddings: For those of you who love extreme water sports look no further. A jet-ski wedding might just be the thing for you.


8. Ski wedding: If you love skiing wouldn’t you love to marry your beloved while skiing? It would be so memorable to take your vows together as you glide across the snow.




9. Scuba diving: This is a great adventurous wedding for those who love diving. It would be like marrying in an underwater paradise that you will never forget.


10. Kayaking: Another cool and adventurous wedding for those who love being on water is a kayaking wedding. Imagine the life affirming thrill as you take your vows while kayaking over rapids. If you can do that, then you can overcome anything in your marriage.

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