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10 Things you wished you’d known before Your Wedding Day

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“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin


What do you want from your big day?

A simple question for many when asked about what they want from their wedding day, obviously to marry the person they most love in the world, a get together with their friends and family and to seal their love for all to see. That’s simple though, it’s the rest that becomes tough, from where to get married to what sort of food to serve guests.


So it’s no surprise that many couples now no longer wish to have a traditional white wedding. Recent research compiled by My Voucher Codes shows that just 1 in 5 couples say I do to traditional white weddings. The majority of couples looking to get married state that high costs, put them off wanting the big white wedding along with the stress of planning it, so with that in mind we thought we would give you some helpful tips, from those who have been through it.


10 Things you wished you’d known before Your Wedding Day


A lot does actually go into planning a wedding, organisation is key, especially if you’re taking on a lot of the organising responsibilities yourself. You could though always hire a professional to do it for you or if you have your wedding at a venue, they sometimes provide their planners in with the cost.


Make sure you take some time off the days before your wedding, there will be last minute details to organise that you may have missed despite your meticulous planning. Plus you don’t want to be exhausted rushing around, instead want to relax and unwind, so make sure you have reliable people helping you like your bridesmaids which leads us onto….


So you should always choose wisely when it comes to your bridal party, don’t be forced into having someone you don’t want there. It’s your big day and you want people you know and trust by your side. That being said don’t go all bridzilla on them either ordering them around, don’t force them to do/wear something you wouldn’t, they won’t thank you for being humiliated and will probably remember that for when you’re a bridesmaid at their wedding.

Photo prep

Make sure your photographer knows what you want from your pictures, also that they know who needs to be in them, groups etc. and that someone is on hand to fetch people. It won’t hurt either to practice posing and getting comfortable having your photo taken. Especially if one or both of you don’t like being in front of a camera, many wedding photographers will include engagement shoots in packages which will get you in the knack of posing.

Eating and drinking

Obviously you have a lovely wedding breakfast or meal planned after your nuptials and maybe some canapés for the intermitting times, but as the bride and groom, one thing that’s easily missed is making sure you eat yourselves before all the excitement. For brides getting up at the crack of dawn and surviving on a diet of champagne can leave you feeling pretty ill without any real food inside you, equally the groom, just living off pints won’t be much good either. Plus it’s also important to keep hydrated, with all the people you’ll be talking to and dancing you’ll be doing!

The little details

Planning your wedding down to the minutest detail can be exhausting one thing many couples to be or well the brides at least worry about is wedding favours. Now most guests don’t actually end up remembering these little gifts you probably put hours of organising into or even take them back with them, so don’t worry about putting a lot into these.


Don’t spend thousands on your dress or dresses, it’s only for one day and yes you’ll remember it on your photos but really you won’t think about it much after the day, unless you’re still paying it off. Instead you want a dress that makes you feel like a million dollars but cost a couple of hundred or less. Also keep in mind that underwear you will be wearing on the day and getting in and out of the dress and performing simple functions such as sitting, walking and going to the toilet.

Stand your ground with guests

Second cousin twice removed that you haven’t seen since you were five, no they don’t need to come even if your Aunty is begging you. Lots of venues have restricted numbers as do many bride and grooms budgets. Remember it’s your day only invite who you want there, don’t worry if people take offence it shows you were right in not inviting them.

Don’t worry

As mentioned there is a lot of stress and planning that goes into a wedding but when the big day arrives its best not to worry about all the little details and just simply enjoy the journey.

Enjoy the day

Remember this day is about you and your significant other, not all the guests you invited so make sure you can spend some alone time with your betrothed. Pencil in some time while guests will be at the bar and relaxing maybe after your photo’s where you both can just breath and take it all in without been disturbed.


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