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2017 Top 3 Wedding Hair Trends

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All the best wishes to you if you’re getting hitched in 2017! As the big day edges closer and closer, you’ll undeniably have a lot running through your mind and you’ll perhaps be faced with more decisions than you’ve ever had to make at any one time in your life. Bespoke wedding headpiece design house, Rosie Willett Designs, takes us through the leading wedding trends of this year.

Boho Bounce


A wedding just isn’t a wedding without some boho-inspiration, is it? One just can’t resist the urge to want to rock a crown, even though it is indeed made out of flowers. It’s super-stylish as well so you can’t go wrong with a boho-inspired wedding. This year makes for the perfect season to go with a floral hair vine that’s adorned with crystals and pearls, which can be shaped into a garland for the hair.


Although a boho bride would need soft waves, 2017 is all about rocking a more polished appearance. Make sure your waves are sleek and don’t be shy to add some volume to make your hair bouncy.


Braiding it up


If an up-do is what you’ve decided on for your big day, make sure to work in a braid or two. Detailing the braid is a great way to go for a number of reasons, one of which is the fact that braids come out stylish rather effortlessly. They can also add that much-needed dash of drama to the look while keeping your hair in place – a great way to maintain bridal perfection throughout the entire day.


If you cannot help but wonder whether braids will come across as a bit too simple for a special occasion such as this, why not glam it up a bit then with a headband or tiara? You can even entwine a hair vine into the braids to subtly add some sparkle to your up-do.


Simpler Styles


As paraded by this year’s bridal runway collections, 2017 is clearly the year of simple hairstyles proving to be a popular choice. From loose buns to the simplest of twists and flowing styles that are adorned with simple hair accessories like wedding hair combs, the bride’s hairstyle really seems to be playing more of a background role this year. This comes as some welcome news for brides going for more heavily embellished or embroidered wedding dresses. Let the gown do all the talking by keeping it simple with the hair.


Although we only picked three trends for 2017, within each of those categories are thousands of possibilities for hairstyles from which to choose your own dream bridal hairstyle.


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