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3 Dream Destinations for a Wedding Abroad

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Some people dream of a huge wedding surrounded by family and friends at a place that they are familiar with. This is one way to go but the stress of planning a big wedding and inviting everyone you have ever crossed paths with comes with its own set of headaches and stress. Many couples complain that with a big wedding they never even get the time to sit down and eat a proper meal on their big day. The whole wedding becomes more about pleasing your guests than celebrating your new start together.



Many people are opting for a different route. Destination weddings have become quite popular. A simple ceremony on the beach or in a serene, natural setting or even on a cruise ship, surrounded by a few close friends and immediate family is a nice option to choose for your dream day. Watching a beautiful sunset with your new spouse is a wonderful way to start your new life together.


You can purchase packages that will include everything you need including photography; food, makeup, gowns and tuxedos, hair and flowers or you can do the research yourself and hire your own local staff. With an exotic choice of flowers, food, and hotels that offer wedding services and group rates for your guests it is a great way to celebrate your nuptials. Make sure you do your research beforehand so that you are legally married in the destination that you choose and you know what documentation you need to bring with you. Research the weather for the time period that you are going so you know what to expect. Here are 3 dream destinations for a wedding abroad:


Thailand is a luxury holiday destination and an ideal place to have your dream wedding, whether it is on sumptuous Thai beaches or in the rich Jungle. Phuket is a great idea in the summer. If you have many international guests there are plenty of flights coming in, and there are many beautiful beaches that aren’t too touristy. Koh Samui is another great option for a destination wedding and the pristine, beautiful beaches and the fresh seafood will keep all of your guests happy.     


Barbados, located in the West Indies is a wonderful destination for a dream wedding away from home. The beautiful beaches offer a serene escape for couples. Turtle Beach is a great option and there are many packages are available. Crystal Cove is another great option for your nuptials.


Greece is another great place for a luxury wedding. With its vibrant blue skies, white, black or pink beaches nestled against the Agean Sea, or it’s beautiful architecture, the Greek Islands are sure to inspire you on your blissful day. There are over one hundred islands that you can choose from for your perfect Greek getaway. With beautiful beaches, unique rock formations, and amazing food you are sure to have the wedding of your dreams.


Remember this is your celebration and the day should be about what will make you and your fiancé happy.


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