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3 Unique Wedding Theme Ideas

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As soon as that engagement ring is on your finger, you go into planning mode. It’s officially time to plan a wedding. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s worth it come the big day. One of the big things you have to decide at the start is whether you want a themed wedding or not. Themed weddings are great for breaking tradition and being a little different. They tend to stand out more in people’s memories, and can be more fun. If you want a themed wedding, then here are some ideas for you:


  • Movie Theme

Choose to base the theme of your wedding around a popular movie. This is a fun idea because there are lots of great romantic films to choose from. You can literally have a wedding just like the movies. It doesn’t have to be a romantic film theme; you could choose your favourite film of all time. If both of you have a burning passion for a certain film, then model your wedding around it. You can have unique table designs and food menus. A movie theme also means you can tell people what to wear to the wedding. It makes for some truly great wedding photos. If you’re planning your own wedding, this could be a huge task for you. So have a look at these 5 Invaluable Tips For Staying Organized.


  • Chinese Theme

You don’t have to be Chinese to have a Chinese themed wedding. In fact, Chinese weddings are unique because of the colourful decor and look of them. Chinese culture focuses a lot on the colours red and gold, meaning your wedding will look bold and colourful. You can wear a traditional Chinese dress too if you want to go the extra mile. Have the bridesmaids and groomsmen in traditional Chinese attire too. A Chinese menu is also a lot different from a ‘traditional’ wedding menu. Going for a Chinese theme will really make you stand out from the crowd and create a wonderful wedding atmosphere. Don’t forget to match the wedding invitation designs to the theme too.


  • Colour Theme

A wedding theme doesn’t have to be complicated it can simply be in the theme of a colour. Pick a black & white wedding and have all the colours as black or white. Or go for something completely different, like a rainbow wedding. Incorporate all the colours of the rainbow into your wedding designs. It’s a great way for you to mix things up and have a colourful wedding dress. Bright colour themed weddings are great for the summer. They give off a nice, positive, upbeat vibe. I’d steer clear of a fully black colour themed wedding, you don’t want people to think they’re at a funeral.

flowers-260894_640(Image by Olessya on pixabay http://goo.gl/dJffU5)

Remember that a theme is for the entire wedding, so you have to make everything fit the theme. From your wedding dress to tiny details like placemats and drinks coasters. But stick with it and you can have yourself a memorable, themed, wedding.


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