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5 Beautiful Wedding Gifts that show you care

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Whether you’re just attending as a +1, or you’re a close friend of the bride or the groom, social etiquette dictates that you should bring the bridal party some sort of gift for their wedding day. While many parties do not expect much, the size of the gift you get will depend on your relationship with the happy couple. If you are a distant relative, a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine or some pretty flowers will suffice, however if you are a close friend or 1st degree relative, something so general isn’t quite going to cut it.

Nowadays with everything so easy to buy online through PayPal and with 1 click pay and deliver, sometimes it can be hard finding a surprise gift that really knocks your socks off. That’s why we’re here to help! We take a look at 5 fantastic wedding gift ideas, with ideas to suit all budgets, whether you have a lot to spend or just a little. It is all about making that special day unforgettable for your wedding party.


1. Framed Wedding Portraits

Ideally this is a gift for after the wedding, as unfortunately you won’t be able to get any good wedding photos before the actual wedding! You can always feign ignorance and annoyance by saying your present ‘has been delayed in the post’ and then produce the gift at a later date. Frame the portrait in a sentimental frame, or a customised frame which has both the names of the bride and the groom in some intricate design. It will be a pleasant surprise when you do finally give them the gift.

2. His and Hers Wedding Figurines

Are they fond of Forever Friends? Hello Kitty? Fairies? You can buy a selection of themed figurines to suit their personal tastes in order to celebrate their wedding. The rise of the internet has also caused in a rise of bespoke figurines and plushies, so you could even get an original artist to make a cute plush toy of the bride and groom in matching outfits to give to them on the day.

3. Memory Scrapbook

This one is a good one. Choose a decent sized scrapbook and fill it halfway through with good memories of the bride and groom and their friends. Photographs, funny stories, tickets to old theatre shows and more. The other half of the book is for the bride and groom to fill up with all their new memories together.


4. A Gift Experience

A good gift doesn’t need to be a physical gift. If you know your friends or relatives are big football nuts; why not buy them tickets to see their favourite team and then go out for dinner afterwards? There are countless ideas online for once-in-a-lifetime events for newlyweds and it is an experience that they can enjoy together.

5. A Small Token to remember the Date

Every couple has funny stories, good memories, and shared experiences that they will be reminded and sometimes these memories are connected to a certain object or item. If they had a hilarious fireworks night, why not buy a small keychain of a Catherine wheel, or if they are fond of beach walks, why not enclose a cute geode in a seashell covered box? It might seem silly but these are the memories that people cling to and it will mean a lot more than a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolate.

Whatever you choose to give to the happy couple, make sure it is a gift from the heart and try to coordinate with other people, just in case everyone happened to have the same idea! It can be well meaning but it can also be disappointing for the bridal party to receive several of the same gift, simply because the guests didn’t communicate properly with each other. If you know the bride and the groom well, they should be happy with whatever you get them, so long as it is personal and from the heart. Enjoy the wedding!

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