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5 Best Kinds of Wedding Jewelry

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On your day that sparkles in every way, you may deem it as impossible struggle to find wedding jewelry that stands out. Fortunately with accents like swarovski crystals that sparkle with light and movement, you should be able to catch everyone’s eye. You may be looking for something more subtle or classic though; so included here are a few things to consider when choosing your wedding day jewelry.




Sentimentally Valuable


There are few things in life that can replace the importance of sentiment. This is crucial on your wedding day, when you may feel pressured to upgrade or sell-out. If there is a treasured piece of jewelry gifted to you by your family or significant other, consider wearing that. You may find support and grounding in the familiar gesture and your loved one will be touched that you thought of them.


Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue


While the origin of this old saying has begun to be forgotten, wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue is an old English tradition to bring a bride luck on her wedding day. Consider working this theme in to coordinate with your jewelry on your day.


Most brides have no trouble with finding something new, but the others can be tricky. Allow family members to gift you these items, often a relative will have something old for you; a friend may loan you an accessory and a blue hairpin can be classically beautiful.


Subtle Sparkling Additions


Are you looking to stand out on your wedding day (more than you already will as the one in white)? If so, finding jewelry that sparkles and catches light will help garner attention and admiration. Pair the styles of your sparkling jewelry with your gown and wedding venue. An older church wedding may benefit from chandelier earrings, while an outdoor wedding may require a woven sparkling crown.


Traditional Tokens


Some brides are looking to be modern and ahead of the curve, however this can result in big hits and big misses. If your wedding is more about paying homage to your family history and tradition, you may want to look for more classic jewelry. This can be something as simple as a string of pearls, teardrop earrings and a golf bracelet.




If you have older female relatives, consider looking to them for jewelry before making purchases. There may be a necklace that has been handed down for generations, or antique hairpins worn by your great-grandmother. While not all brides are looking for those ancient accents, those with strong family ties may want to involve their loved ones as much as possible. Your relatives may also believe their beloved beauty pieces are too “old-fashioned” for a modern girl’s wedding and could hesitate to offer them unless you ask.


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