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5 Best Wedding Favors

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Planning your wedding day can be an extremely exciting process. Many people are incredibly excited about the dress, the venue and the band. However, have you considered what you will be giving back to your guests for celebrating your day with you? It is commonly assumed that there will be wedding favors for your guests to take home with them following your big day. Knowing exactly what to choose as a wedding favor can be a complicated process, so look below for a few of the best options.




They say you can never have too many candles. A great gift that provides romance and aroma, it is safe to say your candles will probably be utilized by all of your guests. Consider creating them yourself with mason jars to save a little money. To make them more personalized choose a scent that is important to your spouse and yourself!




What better way to celebrate the beginning of a blooming marriage than with a growing little plant? Succulents are one of the best wedding favors because they are visually appealing, compact and easy to care for. It can be simple to place the succulents in small pots with your last name and wedding date on it as a memento for guests to keep. Green growing things can help brighten up your guests homes and offices throughout the year.


Sweet Things


With the chronic sweet tooth plaguing most people, it is a safe bet to assume that a treat bar will be utilized. Consider composing small glass jars full of your favorite treats to dole out to guests. Another great option can be making a sweets bar that allows guests to choose their own treats and fill small paper bags. For a simpler execution, make small bags of mints or chocolates and place one at each guest’s place setting.


Personalized Glasses


If you want to be sure your guests will utilize their gifts, you can’t go wrong with simple, stemless wine glasses. Have the glasses emblazoned with your last name and wedding date to mark the occasion for your guests and send them home with each attender. These will prove useful in many households and be classy way of remembering a fun occasion. You can also find these items online for as cheap as $0.89 each.




If you are looking for a cute, tasty and affordable option, search no more! Popcorn is a fantastic wedding favor option that is very likely to be loved by all guests, young and old. Consider mixing flavorings with a spicy or savory popcorn for the groom and a sweet kettle corn for the bride. You can also experiment with kernel dye coatings and bag colors.


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