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5 Gorgeous Geeky Wedding Themes

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If you’ve ever been in love, chances are you’ll have at least given a smidgen of thought to what the wedding will be like. Although there have been countless beautiful white, pink and golden weddings, as society progresses we start to see less and less traditional weddings popping up on our social media networks and more and more bizarre and outrageous weddings. However, you can’t put a price on love, and if you want to make your wedding day memorable, what better way than to make it all about you, your lives and your loves?

We’ll have a look at some gorgeously geeky and surprisingly adorable wedding themes that have gained quite a lot of attention over the past few years! Who knows maybe you’ll even get a few quirky ideas for your big day?!

Star Wars

“When I’m around you, my mind is no longer my own” – Anakin Skywalker

Because of the black and white theme of the Empire, a Star Wars wedding is a perfect example of how to be classy and geeky at the same time. You can still kit yourself out in the classical white wedding dress, but add a couple of twisted buns and a blaster gun to your hip and BAM! Princess Leia.


Add subtle touches to the wedding by using the names of famous Jedi as placeholders, raving it up in the evening with Light saber glowy sticks and adding themed snacks and dishes to the buffet such as Wookie Cookies and Boba Fettuccini Royale. Finish the look off by walking down the aisle to that famous Star Wars tune (you know the one) and you’ll have a picture perfect wedding that looked as if it just stepped out of a galaxy far, far away.


Lord of the Rings


“I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure” – Gandalf the Grey

This wedding is where you can really go all out with the fantasy theme. Why not set the wedding in a national park or in the countryside, leading to some beautiful photo shoots of the guests and wedding party. Give your guests a choice of the four races; Hobbits, Men, Elves and Dwarves (no Orcs present for obvious reasons, and Ents would make the ceremony take forever) and allow them to dress themselves in true Lord of the Rings style.


Seeing your guests go all out as your favourite fictional character could be the show stopping part about this wedding, but you can also add some great fantasy touches including classical music, the giving of the (one) ring and you could even have Arwen’s beautiful necklace; the symbol of her immortality and love for Aragorn.

Games Themed Weddings

“It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!” – The Legend of Zelda
There are a hundred and one possible directions you can take a video games themed wedding, whether you’re a Nintendo fan, you love the Elder Scrolls series or you’re a hardcore PC Gamer. If you want to include all your favourite games, why not make a contest of it all?


Give your guests a ‘spot the references’ booklet, where they can list all the games references they find in the wedding; like the Pac-Man Macaroni, or the Space Invaders lights dancing around in the disco. You’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing your cake; go for a classic Mario & Peach in the Mushroom kingdom, or for something a little more recent, like Atlas and Peabody in Portal 2? The choice is yours.

Zombie Apocalypse

“My Boyfriend is different…he likes me for my brains”
What would you do in a Zombie apocalypse? Have a wedding? Well may as well! There is a huge amount of material out there for hilarious zombie themed cakes, foods, costumes and more. Whats more is it is a great way to take an abnormal twist on the traditional wedding reception.


Just picture it; from the outside it looks like your average wedding. Then they came. Say your vows as a queen of the undead in all your glory, or fight off roves of zombies with your trusty nerf gun, while a priest shouts your vows out to you and your betrothed from across a bloodied battlefield. Sounds sort of fun, no?


“I was hiding under your porch because I love you” – Doug (Pixar’s Up)
Although nearly every little girl has dreamed of their very own Disney princess wedding, often we grow out of these wishes once we grow up. However every now and then you get that one dreamer who has kept onto that little star until just the right moment.


It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”

Weddings are about a communion. A declaration of love and trust between you and your loved one, and all the flashy white gowns and pristine table decorations are just another way of showing everyone how much you care. So why not take it one step further and share your geeky hobbies with all your guests? After all, it is probably how they know you best!


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