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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

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There is no denying it – weddings are stressful. Yes, they are supposed to be the most important day in two people’s lives and are especially important for many women who have been dreaming and planning their big day since they were little. However, that is when the actual day arrives. The run up and all the planning and preparation that is involved to get to that point is incredibly stressful.



One of the most stressful parts of it all, for many women, is shopping for the wedding dress. You have to try and find a balance between all your dreams and expectations and the actual hard facts and reality about cuts, designs and budget as well as other things you never thought would be involved in the process.


However, it doesn’t have to be stressful, if you have a plan of action in mind. In the following post we are going to discuss 5 great tips that will help you find the dress of your dreams.


Wedding, the Dress


Although you may not have considered doing it this way, it is a lot easier to find the right dress by starting with the planning of the wedding first and working towards getting the dress. Work out the theme, the location and the setting. A dress that you’d wear to a destination wedding in Mauritius is going to be a lot different to one you would wear to a formal event in the city. Find the venue, work out how many people are going to be there and then think about the dress and you will have a much easier time.


Accessorise Less for Greater Effect


The accessories you use with your wedding dress should be determined by the dress construction and style. If it is a bling-tastic and very regal dress, then it would make sense to go for less accessories than more, to avoid drowning out the beauty of the dress with too much extras. Whereas if you have a more elegant or sophisticated and simple dress in mind, a number of well-chosen and well-positioned statement pieces of jewellery or your chosen accessories will really make you stand out.


Use sparse and delicate hand and hair adornments if you are going to wear statement earrings and neckpieces, or the opposite. Just remember the old adage that sometimes less is more.


Research Designers


Wedding and bridal wear has changed over the last few years in terms of styles and trends. It is important to find a reputable and trendy designer for all your bridal wear, being aware of the difference between bridal wear design and ready-for-wear design. They require different skill and expertise levels, because of just how significant a wedding dress is compared to normal attire. With that in mind, don’t just pick a designer because they make nice every day or evening outfits, workout first if they can make the type of wedding dresses you love.


Be Realistic about Budget


If you have a relatively modest budget, you simply can’t afford the big extravagant and expensive gowns with the exquisite quality and workmanship. Unless you are willing to make that investment, the most important consideration is the fit anyway. Always be willing to make that compromise if you find that dream dress and it doesn’t sit right on you, but the more elegant second, third or fourth choice makes you look like a bride sent from heaven.


Always Listen to Your Heart


Remember, it is your big day and no-one, apart from your soon-to-be-husband’s big day. Don’t try to please others. Find the dress that makes you happy and go for it. Your mum, sister, bridesmaids and maid of honour, even your dad may all have ideas about what you should look like and wear for your big day, but if it doesn’t match up with what you really want, and you go along with it, you will regret it. So, listen to your heart.


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