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5 Unconventional Wedding Gift Ideas

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Not another toaster! If you’re looking for some inspiration for a unique wedding gift idea, there are plenty of ways to get around those run-of-the-mill presents. Here are some ideas from outside the box to get you started…




You will often find most typical wedding gifts are for the home. The newlyweds are guaranteed to appreciate something for the car. A SatNav would be a great practical present. Plus, it could help them on their travels for their honeymoon or holidays later in life. If you know they already own one, you could always look into little decorations for the rear-view mirror, the dashboard or stickers. Having these personalised will really make them special.



Experience Gift Vouchers


These vouchers are a way of gifting a holiday or fun day out for one or more people. You can treat the couple to a romantic weekend, a balloon ride or a dinner cruise. There a plenty of options on websites such as Red Letter Days. This will give the couple something to look forward to after the wedding is over and the excitement doesn’t die after one day (after the honeymoon, of course).


zorbing gift




Even though it’s for the home, a new couple may greatly appreciate a new, comfortable place to sleep. Bedstar offer a great range of different types of double beds. Choosing a bed can depend on a lot of things, so make sure you think about the style of their home and their bedroom so that it blends in well. Maybe organise a visit to their house, if you haven’t been there before, in time for the wedding.


Personalised Home Decorations


These are guaranteed to be unique. There are some beautiful decorations available for the wall, doors, mantels or tables that can be personalised and are great for memories of the most important day of the couple’s life.

gift box

For example, this little storage box. You could even make one of these yourself! Either paint a little picture of the couple, like shown, or write their names. Not only is this gift practical, it’s a great decoration for anywhere in the house. There are plenty of potential things that can be made like this, like canvas paintings, wall hangs, mugs or pillows.


Personalised Clothes


The idea of personalised gifts are great for weddings, so why not have them match too? You can buy a pair of any type of clothing for the couple and have their names or a little message. This is not only an unusual idea, but a comical one too and is definitely going to bring a smile. You could buy them a pair of onesies or other pyjama sets, hoodies, coats, socks, even underwear!




For a few little extra tips, try thinking about the couple’s personalities, as if you were buying them a birthday present. This will definitely bring out some great ideas. If you’re a close friend, maybe you could try personalising a gift with a memory or quote from a fun time you had together. There are plenty of ideas out there that will make a perfect addition to their big day!

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