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5 Unique Wedding Colour Schemes

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It is quite popular for people to have colour theme weddings these days. The colours that people pick may be their favourite colour or something that goes best with their tastes and personality. When you have a wedding with a colour scheme it makes every element in your wedding uniform and coordinated giving an overall neat look to all the decorations and settings. You can have a single colour theme or two or three colours that go well together. But it is also important to pick colour schemes which are pleasant to look at and will not clash badly with the colour of your gown or the groom’s suit. A good colour scheme will complement the entire wedding ambience by transforming it to be beautiful and picture perfect for your wedding photos. Here are five unique wedding colour schemes.


1. Royal blue and white scheme



These two elegant colours complement each other very well and can give your wedding the look of royalty. You can have your bridesmaids wear royal blue dresses with white sashes around the waist and for decorations you could go for white flowers like lilies or roses with royal blue ribbons. Guest tables can be decorated with white table cloths adorned with royal blue ribbons.


2. Orange and purple scheme



This colour scheme combination is for the bold. These two bright colours go together quite fabulously to create a colourful wedding. You can have lavenders and purple orchids for decorations and bridesmaid dresses can be in orange with purple shoes or vice versa as you like. You can also have center pieces with orange and purple flowers.


3. Sunshine yellow or butter yellow scheme



This beautiful mellow shade can give your wedding the look of a warm sunny morning. This shade of yellow is gentle and pleasing to look at. Dresses in this colour will suit anyone and for decorations you can have sunflowers and buttercups for that blooming sunshine yellow look.


4. Pink and sea green scheme



This is another unique colour scheme that you won’t find very commonly. Choose a gentle shade of pink like baby pink and not something too bright like fuchsia. You can have bridesmaids’ dresses in pink with sea green ribbons and accessories. For decorations you can use pink and sea green drapes with small delicate white flowers that will set off this theme nicely. If you are willing to be adventurous then this colour scheme would be perfect for you.


5. Turquoise scheme



Turquoise themed weddings are becoming quite popular these days. This colour scheme is especially great for a beach wedding as it complements the colour of the sea and the sky. You can have you bridesmaids wear turquoise coloured dresses with actual turquoise pins to adorn their hair. As a bride you could have a turquoise studded waistline for your dress or a turquoise sash. The groom could wear an elegant turquoise coloured suit as well, to round off the complete turquoise look.



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