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5 Wedding trends that have gotten more popular over the years

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As trends come and go, those who are unfamiliar with weddings will often think that they all look the same. Walk down the aisle, say your vows, exchange rings, kiss, celebrate with drunken dancing. Finished, right? But in today’s society where every moment of your life is carefully snapped, documented and shared around the world, a wedding often becomes so much more than a simple ceremony. It can mean any number of strange surprises.

Like with fashion statements, the latest designer outfits and trending #hashtags, various wedding styles will wade in and out of fashion. 2015 is no different with a number of wedding trends continuing over from the last few years and a few trends of its own starting to show through the white veil. We have a look at a few wedding trends which seem to have gained popularity over the last few years.

1. The ‘Princess Wedding’

With the rise of ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ and ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ the trend of traditional ‘Princess Weddings’ has certainly gained popularity because of these shows. While many girls want to be princesses as young children, often they would grow out of this habit by the time they reach adulthood, however recently this doesn’t seem to be the case.

The Wedding Of Princess Madeleine & Christopher O'Neill - Evening Banquet

The concept of a traditional princess wedding was to have the ceremony in a gorgeous classical castle, a huge wedding cake, gorgeous guests and even a tiara in place of a veil for the bride. It is a fairy tale dream for many and one that some girls simply cannot wait to tie the knot for!

2. Off the Shoulder Dress – Official 2015 Wedding Gown

While less of a trend, the ‘off the shoulder’ dress has already started doing the rounds in many weddings and celebrity weddings in 2015. A statement of sleek style, showing a little flesh without being unseemly, the concept of the off the shoulder dress is to have large cascading straps that sit, almost princess like, at your chest level.


The dress can be form fitting and slender, or hoop skirted and boisterous, but the main feature is the sash off the shoulder, making this choice of dress both incredibly popular and oddly flexible, suiting to a wide range of fancies when it comes to creating your dream wedding.

3. Celebrating your Nationality

Communion weddings can be a fantastic sight to behold. Where love surpasses gender, race, religion and more and this love comes together to create a unique wedding ceremony that will never be forgotten. For example, why not combine a tropical Jamaican holiday theme with a traditional set of Scottish dress? It makes for great photos and is all a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun that celebrates the joining of both families.


Multi-cultural Britain is growing, so why not celebrate our differences coming together to create new love, life and happiness?

4. Costume Change!

Two dresses was often customary for the bride-to-be; one official dress for the ceremony, and the after party dress. However in recent years a third dress has started rising in the ranks, with one design for the ceremony, one for the reception and one to rock out the after-party in.


This most likely comes as a result of the ‘too much choice’ concept, where the bride cannot decide on a single outfit for her big day, or no single outfit perfectly encompasses her idea of her ideal wedding. Although it may seem a little tedious to have to change dresses so frequently throughout the day, it does have some practical reasoning behind it as you can slip into something a little more comfortable for the reception, ready to party it up later on.

5. Bigger is Back

Out with the small, personal weddings and in with the huge celebrations! With the rise of social media there is a certain pressure to make your special day bigger and better than any of your friends or close acquaintances. With younger brides they certainly feel the pressure if they have older siblings who have already married and coupled with the concept of sharing and commenting on your every memorable moment in life via social media, this makes for one nervous young couple!

Some couples have decided to tie the knot in exotic locations, others deciding to make a grand entrance to the reception on a helicopter or by skydiving. However you choose to do it, it seems that bigger is better and is more guaranteed to make today’s headlines.


At the end of the day, your wedding is entirely up to you and your partner. There is no use planning a huge fancy do if you’d be perfectly comfortable with a small gathering and a few close friends to share the moment. If you want to, throw tradition out the window! Be spontaneous be daring, or plan everything down to the last detail!

What is important to remember that past all these trends is an event which is supposed to be memorable for only two people in reality, so regardless of what may be ‘hot’ or ‘popular’ in the current media, follow your heart and plan your own fantastic wedding, your way!

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