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6 on-trend hairstyles for wedding guests this summer

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The wedding season is here, and it is time to rejuvenate the wardrobe and the hairstyle, so you can look your best in those photographs that last a lifetime. The wedding hairstyle is no small challenge as you move from the church or other venue to the sit-down meal and on the night of dancing. A style that can serve all purposes and be easy to maintain throughout the day is a tall order, made more difficult with the potential for a heavy shower or hideous humidity.

With so much to think about, it is no wonder you have come looking for the best hairstyles for wedding guests this summer. Here are six of the best to help you choose your look.

Tight bun

If you have longer and more unruly hair, it is often a good idea to wrestle it into something sleek and tightly held in place. The tight bun is a classic, always looking stylish, and allows you opportunities for quick fixes throughout the day. Make sure you use some super hold spray to hold it in place and maybe touch up through the day. 

With a hairstyle off your face and freeing your neck, you have every opportunity to keep cool while looking regal. If you want to bling it up, you can add some diamond or pearl topped pins into the bun. 

A sleek ponytail

For those who want a more fun look and enjoy a bit of sway, you can go for the sleek ponytail. Pulling your hair off your face in this way is made more powerful with stunning eye makeup – and works for those with shorter hair too, who can anti-frizz serum to tame hair liable to get bigger as the day gets more humid. A Frizz No More product can also give long or short slick backed hair the shine to make it zing. 

You might want something with a little more drama when pulling your hair back into a ponytail. If this is the case, you might want to go for a high pompadour instead, backing combing and using a heavy style to hold this height in place through the day. It holds best if you style unwashed hair.

Low ponytail with curls

If you want to celebrate your curls and offer some dramatic volume to your look, you can go for the low ponytail. Pulling your hair to the base of your skull, slicking it tightly back but then allowing an explosion of hair over shoulders – what a gorgeous and sophisticated look. This hairstyle is deceptively simple to achieve, with some strong spray to sleek the hair on top but using a more flexible hold in the curls to give you some movement.

Reverse French braid

If you have a lot of hair and want it out of your way, then a reverse French braid is a great way to achieve this. It is a stylish look that works well with a fascinator, or not, and you can add some glamour with some immaculately styled loose locks around the ears. With a reverse French braid, it is also easy to tuck any wild bits of hair beneath the braid itself. To get some volume on top, you can backcomb the hair and hold it with spray

Non-Style Pixie 

Most difficult is the hair that is growing out from a shorter cut. If you had a Pixie cut and it is now a little longer, you can make the most of the tussle by celebrating rather than hiding it. You can go for the styled, not style look that makes it look like your hair is always this casually gorgeous. 

Use a heat protector before flat ironing out the longer parts of your hair.  Allow your hair to drop into a natural style, with the help of some salt spray to give it texture.  

Vintage waves

Whether your hair is long or short, there is something quite delicious about a gentle wave. For those with shorter or mid-length hair, you are going for something quite vintage that works well. A gentle wave through the fringe with one side of your hair pulled tight over your ear.

For those with longer hair, the mermaid wave is perfect. However, there is a fine line between shaggy and mermaid waves, so look to use an anti-frizz product that keeps the waves sleek.


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