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7 Ways to Pay for the Best Wedding Ever

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In these generally straitened times, it is important, almost always, to keep costs down. But your wedding is the happiest day of your life, and you do not want to pinch the pennies too hard. There are some choices you can make that will not affect the quality of your marriage – these include choosing a cheaper day to marry on (Saturdays are usually the most expensive), shopping around venue-wise, and budgeting carefully. But it is a very special occasion that deserves a splurge, so here is how to make a bit of extra money for your wedding


Duplicate Appliances

Quite often, especially these days as people are entering into committed relationships later on in life, there tends to be two full households to cram into one with the wedding looming. Take stock of all your possessions and decide which ones you want to keep, and which can be sold off to swell the wedding coffers. This can include everything from tea-towels to washing machines: and good quality second-hand items can fetch a good price to the right buyer. Also ensure that your wedding registry takes into account your current possessions. While there is nothing wrong with wanting a new toaster to replace an old, small one, you do not want to be given new versions of appliances and products that you already have.


Unwanted Belongings

Likewise, sell off any items that you no longer want. Use your wedding planning as the perfect excuse to declutter your wardrobes and home, finally getting rid of that bulky case that seemed to just show up one day and the four bin-bags full of clothes that no longer fit, never fitted, or that you would never be seen dead in anyway! Group clothing into batches of four or five garments to help with listings, and to make each offering a little more tempting to prospective buyers.


The Write Stuff

The internet is full of writing – and opportunities for literate freelancers abound. You can make extra money writing articles for online magazines, blog posts for websites and even product descriptions for online stores. If you invest a little time and effort, you can find a whole host of ways to write for money on the internet.


A Picture is Worth…

Photographs are equally prevalent on the internet, and the right pictures will sell and sell. There are a number of stock photography sites that allow amateurs to upload their photos for sale to anyone who wants them, with the site taking a small admin fee from each sale. Good subjects are normal, everyday objects, good clean images of landmarks and distinctive sights. A good camera and reasonable eye for a good shot are essential, but if you have those already, you may be sitting on a valuable income source that can help pay for some of those luxurious touches for your big day.


Investing in Your Future

If you have some savings towards the wedding and some time before the big day, you can grow your funds by investing them in the stock market. Sometimes it is possible to make money by buying forex, holding it for a short time, then changing it back – an almost magical seeming way to make money from nothing! However, these trades can go both ways, so do be sure to use a reliable company, like CMC Markets for all your trades, whether they are in forex or other stocks and shares. Investing is a good habit to acquire and can help you manage your money in the future.


Pass on Your Passions

Tutoring is an excellent way to make up some money, as long as you have the knowledge in the required subjects. Maths and the sciences are the most common subjects in which tutoring is needed, but English (and other languages) and other subjects are not far behind. More important is a good manner and the ability to teach, which begins with patience and ends with inspiring your charges with your passion for the subject.


Crafting for Pennies

Ardent crocheters and knitters can make money with beanies, blankets and booties, amongst other woolly goodies that can be sold, either online or at a car boot sale. Almost any kind of craft products will sell if they are well made and either useful or decorative – both is a bonus! Dust off your crafting supplies and see if you can craft your way into a little extra money to help pay for the wedding.


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