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Best Choice of Wedding Cakes

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So you’ve gotten the dress sorted, you’ve arranged the perfect venue for the ceremony and the reception, and your guest list is both finalised and all attending have RSVPed. What else to sort now? The cake!

Choosing and designing the perfect wedding cake can be an agonising process akin to choosing the perfect wedding gown for the bride, but if you get it right that cake is going to look absolutely fantastic as the centrepiece for your wedding meal. With a huge range of cake flavours, styles and designs available, often we are spoilt for choice as we move away from the more traditional style of wedding cake.

We’ll have a look at the best and most popular choices for wedding cake flavours, to see what will best tantalise your taste-buds, or where you can simply play it safe with a combination of flavours to make sure that your guests get the most out of your big day!

Chocolate Cake


Veering away from the traditional fruit cake, chocolatiers have, over the past few years, made more and more elaborate wedding cakes out of beautiful chocolate designs. Try white chocolate roses, or a gentle chocolate flake covering with a melted chocolate ‘Just Married’ cursive print.

While chocolate is not for everyone, if you enlist the help of a professional they will be able to create a beautiful chocolate cake that is simply more-ish, or mix it up by adding toffee or fudge or even clotted cream to your cake slice. It is a chocolate-lover’s dream!

Classical Victoria Sponge


There is nothing wrong with keeping it classic! The Victoria Sponge cake is an old favourite for most cake lovers as its simplistic style makes the perfect addition to any wedding. If you fancy adding a bit of spice to a traditional recipe you can go for a different flavoured jam such as cherry or blueberry or even marmalade, or surprise your guests by giving it a little bit of a kick with a chilli jam!

Victoria Sponges are sturdy cakes and as such they can have a plethora of different designs and funny cake scenes on them, so a plain three tiered Victoria Sponge cake certainly fits well with your idea of a perfect wedding cake! Plus a Victoria sponge is light enough to be suitable for guests of all ages, making it popular with the kids as well as older, more reserved relatives!

Marble Cake


A marble cake is a great safe way to have two different cake styles while at the same time appealing to the majority of your guests. Those who aren’t too fond of chocolate will steer towards the vanilla and those who are fond of a variety of cake flavours will be pleased as punch!

You could even add a set of customisable frosting designs with an ‘add your own’ style buffet table, with sprinkles, whipped cream and their choice of topping. This would be particularly popular with the kids but it is important not to go overboard! You’ll want a sleek design that can also be customised. Marble cake is a very safe flavour suited to any wedding.

Ditch the Cake


Although this may be committing cake suicide, an alternative idea is to ditch the cake altogether and replace it with a series of cupcakes, or even something right off the wall like a cheese board! At the end of the day it is your wedding and you can organise it how you wish. Some couples have skipped out on the food-based cake altogether and even designed a beer or wine ‘cake’ where the glasses are just stacked atop each other!

It is entirely up to you and whether or not you want to impress your guests and your photographer, or whether you want to tailor your event to both yourself and your guests. In the end, it is a cake, the frosting is all up to you!

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