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Cheap and Easy Ideas for Wedding Favours

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At the end of every wedding it is customary for the bride and groom to hand out party favours to their guests as small thank-you gifts for coming and being a part of their special day. Over the years the ideas for party favours have grown and today people give out all kinds of party favours at weddings. But a wedding is generally a costly affair so if you are not able to afford expensive and glamorous wedding favours for your guests and are looking for cheap and easy ideas for wedding favours you need not look further. This article will provide you with all the ideas you need. Mentioned below are some simple and quite affordable wedding favours that you have for your guests.



● Traditional Bomboniere: These are popular 18th century wedding favours that are still used today as they are quite cheap and elegant. They are little boxes or netted parcels with five sugared almonds each representing happiness, health, wealth, longevity and fertility. You can substitute the almonds with other sugar coated nuts or sweet candies.


● Scented candles: You can give your guests mini scented candles with a ribbon tied around the middle with a thank you card.



● Mini alcohol bottles: This is another easy favourite for wedding favours. Miniature alcohol bottles of classic drinks like brandy, whisky or vodka with little thank you notes stuck on them is a great party favour.


● Small jars of homemade granola or jam: You can give your guests pretty little jars of your homemade granola or jam. It is a favour with a personal touch and is quite cost effective.


● Bottles of soda pop or ginger ale: Everybody loves a good soda pop or ginger ale. You can give your guests personalised bottles of soda pop or ginger ale with a cool bendy straw attached to it and your thank you notes can be printed on labels that can be stuck on the bottles.


● Goodie bags: You can hand out goodie bags to your guests with assorted items like bath products; small shampoo, lotion and conditioner bottles, small bar of soap and a small scented candle. It is a simple and popular wedding favour that everybody loves and it is very useful too.


● Personalised photographs: You can have a photographer take pictures of you and your groom with a Polaroid camera and you can sign off your thank-you notes personally to your guests and hand them out. Another great idea is to have the photographer take Polaroid snaps of all the guests separately and then sign thank you notes on each photo while giving the photo to the respective guest.


● Assorted teabags: We English people love our tea so what better wedding favour to give your guests than assorted tea bags! You could put 4 to 5 popular assorted tea bags in small decorative boxes with thank you notes on them and hand them out to your guests.

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