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Crowdfunding – The Modern Way To Gift A Bride and Groom

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There is little more important to a couple than their wedding. That is the day, you stand together and become one in the eyes of your family and the world. You accept each other and begin the (sometimes difficult) journey of bringing out the best qualities of each other Your life will never be the same after that single day. Your wedding day is quite literally, the first day of the rest of your lives. However, the weddings of today are not like the weddings of our grandparents or even our parents.


In the past, teenagers married their high school sweethearts, usually right after graduation. College was not a requirement for a successful life and often the young men would immediately begin working in his parents business. The young woman rarely worked outside the home and began setting up a house and preparing to have children. Today, couples usually marry in their late 20’s. After high school, both teens head off to college and decide what career they want to invest themselves in.


During this time of discovery and growth, they begin their lives together. It is reported that 60% of all married couples will live together before marriage. A large percentage of couples will have at least one child before they marry. They will have a place to live, with all the furnishings needed to be comfortable. So, when the couple finally walks down the aisle, they simply do not need the traditional wedding gifts of their parents day.


Modern Wedding Dreams


Crowdfunding is so popular worldwide that virtually everyone knows about it. In the world of weddings, Honeyfund is the number 1 rated wedding registry site available. Honeyfund is a crowdfunding site that is free to use and free for guests to use when gifting the couple.


Today’s couple will use their Honeyfund account to set up a registry for the use of all their family and friends. The Honeyfund is the avenue they will use to fund the things they really need and want. Guests will be able to contribute any amount they choose toward the goal. This gives the couple more financial help from the entire group, either they want to do a dream honeymoon along the East Coast or finance the wedding itself. Here are some examples of registry items:


• Financial help with the wedding

• Assistance in buying the gown of her dreams

• Limousine service while on the honeymoon

• Destination wedding

• Dream honeymoon

• A special honeymoon suite

• Event or activities tickets

• Travel expenses for the honeymoon

• Travel expenses to help a loved one attend the wedding

• Child care while away

• Pet care while away

• A return trip on their first anniversary

• A welcome home reception

Or they may use their registry for basic life needs, like:

• Down payment on a house

• Remodeling expenses

• Furnishings

• Adding a nursery

• Paying off student loans, credit cards, car loans or other bills

• Help to relocate after the wedding

• Particular items like a bed, sofa, or set of tables

• Honeyfund allows the couple to register at traditional stores as well as non-traditional sites


Sometimes the couple is financially comfortable and would rather use their wedding gifts to help others. Their registry may include:


• Donations to help a friend or family member who is struggling or facing illness

• Donations for community services like food banks

• Electric bill pay programs

• Coats for kids

• Saving the planet

• Providing educational needs for those who cannot afford it


There is no right or wrong way to create a Honeyfund account. The process is easy, user-friendly and free. Setting up a Honeyfund is almost like “gifting” your guests with thoughtfulness and ease of service.


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