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Donation affordability and safety

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Egg donation is a procedure in which the woman who wants to become a mother resorts to the eggs of a female donor. The donor’s eggs are combined with the sperm of the patient’s partner to obtain embryos and reach the long-awaited baby-birth. The same procedure is carried out with sperm cells and their donation. 

 Different reasons can be a serious barrier for conceiving, but with the new technological treatment in ADONIS and our own donor bank, your long-awaited dream will come true.

The main indications to use egg from the donor are:

  • Woman’s age (40 years +, it depends on the individual features and health state) – after 40 years the quantity of the oocytes reduces sharply, the remaining oocytes are of poor quality and often with genetic abnormalities. Therefore, it is so difficult to get a pregnancy and a healthy baby after 40 years, even with the help of high technologies like IVF.
  • Early ovarian depletion or premature menopause – the reasons for this phenomenon are various: hereditary predisposition, surgical interventions on the ovaries (removal of cysts, etc.), endometriosis, oncological diseases and radiation and chemotherapy, removal of the ovaries, external factors (ecology, stressful situations, taking medications, radiation, bad habits, etc.)
  • Resistant ovaries – not sensitive ovaries to stimulation with hormonal drugs, follicles do not mature in them even with high doses of drugs
  • Congenital malformations of the ovaries
  • Genetic diseases of the mother – those which can be transmitted to the child
  • Repeated unsuccessful IVF with own oocytes (2 or more) – embryos of low quality receiving, lack of implantation and early miscarriages

The main indications to use sperm from the donor are:

  • Husband / partner absence
  • Severe violation of spermatogenesis in a spouse (azoospermia, oligoasthenoteratozoospermia, aspermia)
  • Hereditary diseases in a man

Personal consultation in ADONIS clinics from the highly experienced doctor will clear out all nuances and help to select the best Infertility Program with donor bio material according to individual examination results, case history, personal requests and wishes.

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies has been in the sphere of infertility treatment for more than 23 years. We help people from the whole world to gain parental happiness and begin a new life. 

ADONIS clinics main numbers and facts are:

  • 23 years on the market of medical services 
  • ADONIS own donor base with thoroughly examined candidates
  • 9 medical centers in Kyiv, Ukraine
  •  ADONIS own cryo base for the safe storage of genetic material
  • 66 medical specialties and their health services provision
  • ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals with the all-round comfort 
  • 14 years of Stem cells research
  • ADONIS own laboratory for your full examination before and during the treatment process
  • ADONIS Exceptional medical staff with 360+ doctors, 1620+ nurses, 36+ laboratory assistants and many others important people for the processes

Egg and Sperm Donation in the UK or USA with prices overvalued and really high – is no more a problem, because ADONIS provides the most affordable cost for infertility services. Our own technical and donor basis help us to make the prices more acceptable for the clients from the whole world. 

UK and USA Egg and Sperm Donation quality and safety is on the same level with ADONIS one, but the level of comfort, care and cost-formation is incomparable with the services provided by ADONIS Ukraine.

Your great infertility treatment results is near – ADONIS is waiting for you!


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