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Dressing Your Wedding With Fashion They’ll All Love

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Anyone that has been a bridesmaid knows that sometimes (or most times) the bridesmaid’s dress isn’t something you ever dream of wearing again after the wedding you purchased it for. However, when you have to spend that much money on a dress don’t you want to be able to wear it again?

If you’re about to be a bride and starting to shop for your dress, and the clothes of the rest of the people in your wedding party, why not take some time to work something out for everyone that allows them to reuse their purchase.

The Bridal Gown

Obviously if you are having a theme wedding all of the bridal party will be wearing garb in that theme. And, of course, whatever color scheme you have chosen will need to work out through everyone’s dresses and tuxes. It’s not usually the colors that get people, it’s the style of dresses.

The bridal gown is always number one on the shopping list. This is all about your taste, wants, and needs. Most brides aren’t going to wear their wedding dresses again, but you may hand it down to your child or grandchild.

The Bridesmaid’s Dresses

You want the bridesmaid’s dresses to be in the same general style as your dress, like classic or modern. If you want your friends and family to be buying something that is an investment they can use more than once, opt for styles that are more simple, less poofy.


You could always let the girls have some say in their dresses as well. And remember, each woman standing with you doesn’t have to wear the same cut of dress!

Maid/Matron of Honor

Your number one lady standing with you may get something a little different from the bridesmaids, something that stands out, but of course doesn’t overshadow you. Maybe her dress will be longer, or have sleeves.

Again, let it be something that can go beyond just a wedding day. While your gown may be far more expensive, your friends and family are still putting their own money into their dresses, so let them shop wisely.

Mother of The Bride/Groom

Mom’s need a wedding dress as well. Since they are moms they’ll want something far more modest than your bridesmaids can get away with. Like La Belle Femme suggests, you want to make sure that you find something that suits her, as well as finding a good deal.

Her dress will also fit in with the wedding scheme, the right colors and all, but you also want her to be able to do something with her dress afterwards, maybe even use it as a guest at future weddings.
Why not take a little extra time to shop for dresses and pick out the right styles so that your bridal party can all feel beautiful and comfortable, and have a dress that does more than hang in the back of their closets!


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