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Fantastic Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Completely Unique

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He just popped the big question. What is your first thought? You probably already have people whispering in your ear. Making helpful hints. We bet your mum wants you to have that traditional, church wedding. Nowadays people are steering away from the traditional type of wedding that their parents had. Do you want your wedding to be completely unique? There are plenty of different themes you can have to make your day one you will never forget.

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Something Close To You

If you’re not in favour of getting married in a church or a registration office then why not go for a place closer to your own heart. It might be a beach that you love or a grassy green next to a river. It could be where you had your first kiss.

You could return to your routes and have your wedding where you grew up, rather than where you live now. You may have always dreamed of a wedding closer to your old home. But the idea of a tradition ceremony limited your options. A modern wedding opens a whole new realm of possibilities.

A Fairytale Wedding

Are you a hopeless romantic? Do think of yourself as a princess and your partner as your true love? Then you may want to consider a Disney themed wedding. There are endless ways you could go with this. You could have a dress like one of the Disney princesses. Decorate your venue as a magical kingdom with sparkles and glamour. We all dream of that fairytale wedding when we were young.  But maybe that dream never left you. It has always been held within your heart. Now you can make it come true?

Got a lot of spare cash around? You can contact the resort and ask the question we are all dying to know the answer to. Just how much does it cost to hold your ceremony in Walt Disney World. We heard somewhere around one hundred grand.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Remember, you can have a modern wedding and still use classic invitations.  There are many different choices. For instance, you could browse some classic wedding invitations by Paper Themes.  Or do something completely different. Include some photos of you and your fiance. Tie a ribbon around the card. Those two ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are endless possibilities and plenty of companies to give you a helping hand.

On the subject of new ideas, you could consider not hiring a florist to do your wedding bouquet. I know this is unusual but hear me out. Handpick your flowers. This rare idea means that the flowers will be arranged exactly the way you want them. Do you want to truly stand out? Then transform yourself into a princess with a handmade flower crown. The flowers are still used but as a stunning headpiece.

Remember, these are just some ideas. If you have your heart set on a traditional wedding, do not let us change your mind. But if you are looking for something a little different these fall into that category. Whatever you choose, we know your wedding day will be as magical as you have always dreamed.


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