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Horse Racing Course – the Emerging Favourite as a Wedding Venue

The Venue On Aug 15th, 2017 2498 0

If we take a look at just how much weddings cost these days, or in fact how expensive weddings have always been really, one cannot help but wonder just why on earth this commitment between two people who claim to love each costs as much as a horse racing jackpot!

I guess it’s just one of those traditions stemming from a cultural construct we’re stuck with, because as much as I personally criticise the cost of weddings, I still feel as if making a big deal about your big day in this way is considerably justified. Wedding ceremonies, in their drive to become even more personalised and unique to the couple getting married (pronounced “bride”), are certainly becoming more extravagant. Venues are getting bigger, more people are attending and some people even go to the lengths of organising something like a famous singer to come and sing at their wedding.


Amidst what seems to me like a race to the infinitely rising top, there is a rather interesting trend which is emerging by way of couples’ choices in venues for both their matrimonial ceremony and the wedding reception. More and more couples are choosing to hold their weddings at horse race courses and considering just how much prestige is ordinarily associated with some major horse racing events, it starts to make sense as to why the fair greens boast so much allure for a wedding venue.


It seems the appropriate place for everybody to come dressed to the nines, isn’t it, as everybody usually does when they’re attending a regular horse racing event? Race course operators are even jumping on board with this, offering nicely packaged deals which essentially incorporate a live horse racing event to complement the wedding ceremony and reception. They bring in the wedding planners and decorators to spruce up what is naturally a very beautiful venue, except the main event isn’t the horse racing but is rather the wedding.


Betting on the races carries on as usual and you effectively have more “guests” attending your wedding as those who are curious about the other event taking place (the wedding) in complement of the racing event join in on all the fun.


Truth be told though, the live horse racing event which will subsequently be incorporated into your race course wedding reception won’t offer you the best betting odds available. It’s a case of working with what you have and working with what’s available on the day. However you don’t have to accept that as is. You can enjoy the best odds guaranteed on all horse racing by perhaps betting online at the same time, with William Hill.


Rally all your guests to take part and place even just one bet if they’re not all too keen. This way, a lot of the entertainment which is often missing at the typical wedding reception will be duly taken care of. There will be very few if any opportunities for awkward silences to occur and for guests to sit around doing nothing while waiting for the next event forming part of the programme.


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