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How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

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Some of the most important people in a bride’s life before her wedding and on the big day itself are her bridesmaids. They are the ones who support and help the bride throughout the wedding preparations and help her get through the difficult parts of planning a wedding. Bridesmaids play a very important role in the wedding arrangements and details and every bride depends on her bridesmaids’ aid. But how does one decide whom to make a bridesmaid? Surely not every woman of your acquaintance can be your bridesmaid so how do you go about choose your bridesmaids? This article will prove a useful guide in choosing bridesmaids.



● Have realistic expectations while choosing your bridesmaids. Choose your bridesmaids depending on what kind of wedding tasks you have and what type of help you will require through your wedding process. You will know who in your acquaintance can do what for you so choose wisely.



● Make sure to ask siblings and cousins. It is customary to ask one’s sisters or close cousins to be bridesmaids. They are your family after all and know and love you more than anyone else so it would be rude not to ask them to be bridesmaids. It is definitely expected and unless you have a very close best friend in line it would be prudent to ask your sister or cousin to be the chief bridesmaid.


● Choose close friends to be bridesmaids. Your closest friends will know you well, what your tastes are, what kind of dress you might like, which flowers you prefer etc. They would be of great help to you in your wedding shopping and other arrangements and will also throw you an amazing hen party and bridal shower so be sure not to leave them out.


● Think carefully before you ask someone to be your bridesmaid. All other good manners aside, take sufficient time to decide whether you really want someone to be your bridesmaid or not. Once you have asked someone and you start having doubts about it for whatever reason, it won’t be nice to ask them to step down as bridesmaids. If you feel that a person will not cooperate or gel well with the rest of your bridal party, it is probably best to leave them out of the bridesmaids group.


● Choose people who will take up responsibilities well. You want your bridesmaids to be responsible and dependable above everything else, so make sure you pick people you know will handle the different bridesmaids’ tasks and responsibilities well.


● Don’t choose someone to be your bridesmaid just because they asked you to be theirs. You should feel no such obligation as you are the bride and you deserve to do what you think is right for you. Suppose you had been a bridesmaid for a friend who hasn’t been in touch with you for many years now, it wouldn’t really make sense for you to ask that person to be your bridesmaid when you don’t even know where they are or what they are up to.

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