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How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

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One of the most important aspects of a good wedding is having really good photographs of the special day. Once a wedding is over the next thing that a couple and their family and friends wait for are the photographs. But after all that excitement and anticipation to see the photographs what if they are not good enough or are not clear or properly focused! So, it is really important to pick a good and reliable wedding photographer, one who has preferably worked on other weddings and is well recommended. Here are some points to keep in mind while choosing your wedding photographer.




● Decide what kind of service you require from a photographer for your wedding. How many hours of photography do you need, do you want photos of the ceremony only or the reception as well, do you need pre-wedding photos etc. must be determined before choosing a photographer.


● Figure out what style of wedding photography you prefer to pick a photographer who uses that style. Are you looking for traditionally posed photos or do you want a modern glamorous approach with different lighting?


● Make up your mind about how many photos you will require whether it’s 1000 or 2000 and that includes extra copies that you may want or your family or friends may want. There are photographers who even do wedding photo packages that have less than 100 photos.




● Fix a budget for your wedding photography. The budget should include photographer’s payment, photography equipment, prints, albums and anything else that comes under wedding photography needs. Once you know how much you can spend on photography it will be easier to pick a photographer who fits your budget.


● Determine how much time you will require to check and select the photos once they are given to you on a disc. The photographer will crop, edit and print photos based on what you say you want so be sure to choose a photographer who will give you ample time to make your choices.


● Decide what form you want your photos to be in, whether it is only prints, or a complete album or just the disc or negatives. If you decide that you just want loose prints that you will put together in an album the way you want then you have to inform your photographer about this in advance.


● Research the photographers that you have narrowed down thoroughly. Ask others who have used their services if they were satisfied with the results. If you have all the right information about the photographer you want for your wedding there shouldn’t be a problem.


● Meet the photographer you have chosen face to face at the venue of your wedding so can explain to him/her what kind of service you exactly want and it is advisable to ask him/her to show you samples of work from any previous weddings that he/she may have covered. Once you are satisfied with your meeting you can finalise the photographer and have him shoot just the way you want!

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