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Ideas for a 1950s Themed Wedding

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The 1950s were a great time with bright and colourful clothes and fifties rock and roll music, everything seemed happy and upbeat, which is why the fifties theme is quite popular world over for parties, functions and galas. Another area where the fifties theme has been a huge hit is the wedding industry. Over the years it has become popular to conduct weddings in the theme of a particular era and the 1950s theme has been quite often used by people for their weddings. If you are planning to have a fifties style wedding here are some useful ideas.


● Location for a 1950s wedding: For an ideal fifties style wedding it would be good to have venue with a big dance floor in the middle as dancing was very popular in the fifties culture. If you are getting married in the English country side you could have the wedding in a large marquee or tent in a garden. And you could have your reception part a fifties style diner with typical fifties diner food.


● 1950s style decorations: Choose a fifties type of colour theme for your wedding preferably in pastel shades. Decorations should also include typical fifties designs like polka dots, large floral prints and checks. You can use materials like buttons, vintage lace, pearls and bows to decorate your venue. Make sure the decorations make a splash with colour and brightness to get that 1950s look.




● 1950s Dress code: Make sure to inform guests about the fifties theme and make suggestions about dress code. And as for the wedding dress make sure to have lace, bows and pearls on it and pair it off with long white gloves and kitten heels.


● 1950s style transportation: Ride to the church and reception in a hired or borrowed vintage 1950s car like a Volkswagen Beetle or Morris Minor or a Cadillac.


● 1950s Entertainment for the reception: Instead of a DJ you can have a fifties style band with fifties costumes play 1950s music or even get a jukebox for music as they are so symbolic of that era. Play classic pop or rock music from the fifties for instance The Beatles. You just can’t go wrong with them.



● Fifties style menu: Make sure that food and drinks at the reception are all fifties style. You can serve your guests with popular cocktails from the fifties like martinis or daiquiris along with dainty little canapés. Have a section with colourful candy for kids so they don’t miss out on the fun either. You can serve fifties style diner food like burgers, hotdogs, milk shakes and ice cream sundaes. You could hire a vintage style ice cream van reminiscent of the 1950s for kids.


● 1950s themed party favours: Give your guests fifties style party favours so they have something to always remember your cool wedding. You could give them personalised candles and match boxes or boxes of retro shaped biscuits in your fifties colour theme.

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