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Ideas for a Shakespearean Themed Wedding

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There are many fans of Shakespeare out there as he is one of the most acclaimed literary figures and writer of our country and even the world. It is quite often seen that when a bride and groom are lovers of Shakespeare’s works they wish to have their wedding in a Shakespearean theme. Since Shakespeare lived in the Elizabethan times a Shakespearean wedding theme reflects a lot of aspects of the Elizabethan age. Here are some wonderful ideas to have the perfect Shakespearean themed wedding.



● Wedding invitations: You can have old styled invitations with elegant calligraphic script written in Shakespearean style English in the form of poems or sonnets. Or if you want to keep up authenticity you can skip sending out invitations as weddings were open to all in the Elizabethan times. Of course you need not do that you could just verbally invite all your guests in proper Elizabethan English.


● The bride and groom’s wedding clothes: During Shakespeare’s time brides did not wear white wedding gowns so you could wear a beautiful Elizabethan style gown of any other colour with a corset inside along with a cloak covering you from your shoulders. The ideal fabric for the gown would be satin or velvet in dark colours like blue, green, red or orange. Make sure to style your hair with small fresh flowers. As for the groom he should wear a shirt with neck ruffles, a cod piece, breeches, boots and a cloak as well. The colours should once again be dark and bright.


● Shakespearean style wedding ceremony: To have an authentic Elizabethan style ceremony make sure all your guests are standing throughout the ceremony. If you don’t want to inconvenience your guests you could have them stand just for your vows and ring exchange. The wedding can be officiated by a minister dressed up as Shakespeare and the entire ceremony could be conducted in the Elizabethan style English.


● Entertainment and decoration for reception: Decorate your reception venue in a complete Elizabethan style theme, you can hire a professional planner to get all the authentic details right. Have your guests come dressed up as different characters from Shakespeare’s famous plays and you could give out prizes to the best costumes. Have typical Elizabethan style music for the party and you could also have friends or family put up small acts from Shakespeare’s most noted romantic plays, for instance Romeo and Juliet.


● Food and drinks for the reception: Have a complete Elizabethan styled feast or banquet set up with only metal dishes and goblets. Have exotic varieties of meats and breads on the menu with bowls of fresh fruit at different intervals on the table. Don’t keep any champagne for the reception as it won’t be authentic. Just have wine and ale for drinks.


● Party favours: You can hand out Elizabethan style hats or gloves for men and women as party favours and for kids you can get masks with Shakespeare’s face made and hand it out to them.

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