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Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable With These Amazing Ideas

The Venue On Jul 15th, 2015 2023 0

There are three things every bride wants her wedding to be – romantic, fun and memorable. No one enjoys a wedding that is overly formal and stuffy; people prefer celebrations that are fun and enjoyable.

While you probably have all the other details of your wedding down, you might be struggling with your reception plans. When it comes to planning your wedding reception, it can be hard to know how to make it an amazing celebration.

If you are struggling with your wedding reception plans, there is no need to worry, as that is what we are here for. To help you plan an amazing wedding reception that is as memorable as possible, we have put together some ideas, below:

For adding romance

An important part of any wedding is romance; that’s why it’s so important that your wedding reception is romantic. You might think that this is tricky to do, but it doesn’t have to be.

One of the best ways to add romance to the space is by playing with the lighting. Instead of having bright lighting; a warm glow is ideal. To create a warm glow at your wedding reception, opt to hang fairy lights around and place tea lights around.

A simple way you can add a sense of romance to your wedding venue is by adding beautiful covers over the chairs. Small things like adding netting and lace table clothes can make all the difference to the look of your venue. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to buy these items, you can hire them instead. To find out more about hiring what you need, get in touch with Creative Cover Hire, or another specialist company.

For adding fun


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Making your wedding fun is important, because the more fun it is, the more memorable it will be. While it’s nice to incorporate some of the traditional wedding ideas, it’s also a good idea to have some things that are a bit different.

Hire a photo booth for your wedding reception. As well as hiring a traditional wedding photographer, why not hire a photo booth as well? Photo booths can be hired for a couple of hours, placed at your reception, allowing you and your guests to take lots of unique pictures.

Hire a cocktail maker for the evening. A great way to make your wedding reception more fun is hiring a cocktail maker, who can show guests how to make their own yummy cocktails. Everyone loves cocktails, so having a cocktail maker is a great idea, and an amazing way to make things more fun.

Have a sweetie table for guests to help themselves to. Everyone loves sweets – children and adults alike, so having a sweetie table is ideal. Fill a table with sweets in old sweet shop jars, get some little bags and tongs, and let all your guests fill up on sweets.

The key to making your wedding memorable is ensuring that it incorporates lots of different elements. As well as being romantic and traditional, your wedding should also have fun elements.



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