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Modern Weddings: How Millennials Do It Differently

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As technology evolves and there are so many options on the table when it comes to planning a wedding, we look at how traditional wedding planning has changed. With a wedding catalogue just a click, tap or swipe away, it’s easy to see how this has  had a huge effect on modern wedding planning


Wedding traditions being replaced by unconventional themes


Getting married by a vicar in a church, followed by a wedding reception at a local venue with an expensive meal is too conventional for your modern day millennial.


Brides are now ditching the white dress and going for all different styles of dress. From metallic style silver dresses, blue lacy wedding dresses through to themed wedding dresses. There’s also a rise in shameless tattooed brides, where in the past it would be considered a sin to have tattoos on show at a wedding.


Wedding blessings are now the main event


Wedding planners claim that the registry part is the legal formality and that now the real celebration of the marriage takes place at a wedding blessing. This can be at the top of a hill or somewhere outrageous, many trying to push the boundaries on what’s considered acceptable as a location. Country wedding venues are now reaching their peak in popularity, many believing them to be the best way forward.


Wedding spending on the rise


Couples now spend more and more on their wedding, this may be owed to the selfie generation, or perhaps because many couples now wait longer before getting married and settling down. As this is the case many will have a bit more disposable income to shell out on a wedding. According to figures provided by ONS, the average age for a wedding in England & Wales is 36-37 for men and 34 for women, the previous generation averaging in the mid to late twenties. With the modern technology that’s now available the range also becomes even more vast, couples can now browse through 1000s of different wedding services with online wedding planners like Book of Weddings, this way couples can find exactly the type of personal touch they want for their big day.


Personalisation through DIY


Hand made items, including place cards, decorations, favours and signs are becoming a firm favourite at modern weddings. These allow for personalisation and allow you to create great memories when making them and preparing for your big day.


Social media also has a big impact, many will create these and feel the need to show the world by uploading them to their Instagram or Facebook pages.


Personalisation is key to any modern wedding, making it between a special day for two people by two people is what it is all about after all!


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