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Off Into the Sunset: The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing List

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You are bound to be feeling relaxed and joyfully happy after tying the knot and heading off for a fantastic honeymoon to mark the start of your new life together, but you still want to make sure you have everything you need.

You don’t want to spoil the party atmosphere with any packing faux-pas, so here is a look at some of the things that need to be on your mind, along with thoughts of love.


Fill your carry on with these essentials


If you are heading off to somewhere exotic like the Hua Hin Marriott Resort & Spa, for instance, you will be thinking about the exciting days ahead of you while you are on honeymoon, however, you don’t want any hitches at the airport or when you arrive at the hotel.


Essential items on your carry on checklist include the airline boarding passes, all your other travel documents and tickets, including your passport, plus your hotel reservation details.


There is always the unfortunate prospect of facing a delay at some point in your journey. If you remember to pack a small toiletries bag it will give you the chance to freshen up at some point.


Items for your checked luggage


There are certain security and airline restrictions that you will always have to follow and that means that there will be some things that need to be packed into your checked bag, regardless of whether you want them with you or not.


Most of the usual accessories and items that would find their way into your regular toiletries bag such as hairspray, shampoo, mouthwash and maybe even a small medical kit, all need to be on your checklist for what will be your checked luggage when you travel through the airport.


Always plenty of electrical items to remember


Most of us tend to rely on an array of electrical items these days and even with the welcome distraction of a romantic honeymoon to focus on there will still be quite a few electrical items and accessories that should be on your checklist.


Most major hotels tend to supply a hair dryer in the room so check to see if it is included, as that will save some valuable space in the suitcase.


Don’t forget to pack chargers for phones and cameras and any travel adaptors that you might need to be able to plug everything in when you get there.


Packing the right clothing


Choosing the right clothes will be influenced by your chosen destination and what the weather is likely to be doing while you are on honeymoon.


You will probably want to pack a combination of formal and informal clothes, especially if you are heading to a beach location.


A good choice of tops and swimwear combined with a few smart outfits for both of you should give you all the clothing options you need for lazy days strolling along the beach followed by some romantic wining and dining in the evening.


Get your checklist sorted well in advance of your big day and honeymoon departure so that you can relax and enjoy your special day before jetting off for your first married vacation.


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