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Plan a Flawless Proposal

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Congratulations! I guess the reason you have ended up on this blog is because you are planning a proposal! That is so exciting. Now comes the hard part of making it the best proposal you can manage. Here are a few tips to help you plan a flawless proposal.

Public or private?

Some people are really private. They couldn’t think of anything worse than having strangers gawping at them during this special moment. Other people love to be at the centre of attention and will add the news to Facebook the moment you get down on one knee. Know your partner and know what their preference would be. Is a candlelit dinner somewhere quiet better than an all-singing, all-dancing flash mob? The last thing you want is for your carefully planned moment to backfire due to a lack of thought.

Asking for permission

Asking your partner’s parents for permission is quite a traditional thing. If you think the practice is too old-fashioned, then skip over this part. However, if you, your partner and your families are very traditional it is worth thinking about asking permission or for a blessing to propose. Your in-laws will love how thoughtful you have been to include them in this big day. And your partner will be touched that you showed a respectful side.


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Choosing the right ring

This is the big thing, right? You might have already talked about marriage with your partner. If so they may have given you several hints, or told you directly, what kind of ring they would like. If so, you are already halfway there. If not, you have your work cut out for you. Casually chat to your partner about the type of jewellery they like. Did one of their friends get engaged recently? Ask them what they thought about the ring. Check out some of the jewellery they already have and try to get clues from that. Do they like yellow gold or white gold?  From there you can start to shop around at jewellers. Tacori engagement rings are beautiful options. Each ring is handcrafted by skilled artisans with exceptional care and pride. They are a great way of showing your partner how much thought has gone into the purchasing or a ring.

Don’t over think it

Sure you should do a lot of planning to pull off the proposal. And sure you are going to be nervous. It takes a lot of guts to get down on one knee and ask the person you love to marry you. But on the day try to relax and just let things happen. The more stressed you get, the more stilted the proposal will be. Remember, you love this person and that is all that matters. Everything else will take care of itself!

Enjoy the engagement

Some people like to go straight ahead and start planning the wedding. But we think it is nice to take some time to enjoy this stage of your lives. You will only be engaged to each other once, so make the most of it. Enjoy being able to call each other your fiance.



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