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Planning a Country Wedding

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Country weddings are growing in popularity and with good reason. A country venue has a lot to offer over many urban venues.

To start with there is always plenty of space in a country setting. Most country wedding venues offer room for everyone to park, somewhere for the kids to play, and a nice setting for those who want to stretch their legs as well as beautiful buildings for both the ceremony and the reception.

They are plenty of good country venues that offer everything you need for a treat wedding. However, there are a few additional things that you need to consider before you book.



Most country wedding venues have a licence that allows the wedding ceremony to be conducted on site. In which case you do not need to worry about how everyone will get from the church or registry office to the reception.

However, if you are not going to get married in town then hold the reception in a country setting you will have to consider transport for everyone. Most country venues have plenty of parking, but if you have a lot of guests who you know will not want to drive or do not own a car you may want to hire a coach to get them to the reception. Public transport is rarely a viable option for this especially if you are getting married at the weekend.

The majority of country wedding venues provide quite a bit if onsite accommodation. If there is not much space for guests, you may want to consider organising a coach back to town so people can make their onward journey home or make their way to city hotels.

Ensuring that all guests can find the venue

Finding some of the country venues can be tricky because there is no street address for people to program into their GPS. Check to see if the venue is included in the database of the leading GPS systems. If it is not get some maps printed up and provide them to your guests. It is useful to have it available in both digital and paper form.


Photo opportunities

The majority of country wedding venues provide fantastic photo opportunities, but you still need to think about the photos and discuss the types of photographs that you want taken with your wedding photographer. He or she will view the venue and may decide to take more photos after the ceremony in an urban setting or take you to a nearby village, so that your wedding album gets the look and feel you are after. It is particularly important how you will get the shots you want if the weather is bad.

A great example of a country-wedding venue

If you are looking for a stunning wedding venue in Cheshire, Heaton House is a great option. It is a good example of what a country venue has to offer.

This country based wedding venue offers four different licensed settings for the ceremony. There is the option to hold the reception in several different settings and accommodation for guests as well. The next day guests can even stay on and enjoy a range of activities including a Segway safari. It really is an amazing venue.


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