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Planning Your Wedding!

The Important Extras! On Oct 02nd, 2017 1612 0

Weddings are one of those occasions that really inspires people to pay attention to their inner voice and follow their heart. When you are able to witness two people coming together and making life long vows to each other, it can really put things into perspective on how you are spending your time and on what pursuits. Baring witness to a couple that is so sure of each other that they, in front of their friends and family, make such grandiose promises to one another, shows that there are things in life that are worth having faith in.

We all have day dreams of our perfect wedding, where it is, who is there, what we are wearing, what they are wearing, what we are eating.. the details can get pretty minute when you have enough time for it, especially if you’ve been to quite a few weddings and now when you go, find yourself saying “Oh, I like this!”, or “I am not going to be doing..”, picking up notes on  your reactions and filing them away for your own date.


Having the right partner of course is the biggest decision you make in a wedding! Though after that it differs for everyone, maybe it’s the cake, maybe it’s the dress, maybe it’s the band, maybe it’s the place. When you talk to people about their dream weddings you can get such a varied response and it can tell you a lot about a person and their expectations and desires. Weddings, as public as they can be, are also intimately private affairs and there is an interesting atmosphere around them. Almost like a thin mist, where you can see through it but things still feel obscured. The experience you have when you host a party is similar to the experience that the guest is having, though the experience of the one being married is vastly different to those who are guests. Not just in the peripheral sense, but that the wedding is almost 2 different events simultaneously happening. A party is a party, everyone is there to have a good time, relax, dance, drink, eat.. whether you are host or guest. A wedding, that’s a bonding, a commitment, a milestone and decision to take the fork on the right. For the guests it’s a party, a celebration, to eat, drink, dance, mingle, congratulate. For the married couple, its that and then something unique.


The wedding is the start and the marriage is the adventure. Like getting into a car, the wedding is the day you went out and picked up what you wanted from the innumerable options available. You made a decision and stuck to it and that was that; options, perks, hidden disappointments, with a body style you love and feel comfortable in, you’re now on the road. With any luck the accidents will be minor, the setbacks quick to overcome, and you’ll learn about this engine and how to keep it running smoothly for a lifetime of fun trips, wonderful experiences, and late night sing-alongs.


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