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Space Saving, Zen Making Ideas for your Wedding

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A memorable wedding is sometimes years in the planning. From the venue to the guest list, flowers, food, cars and ‘the dress’, wedding planning lists can take up entire notebooks.

Collecting special or key items as and when you find them can make organising everything feel more manageable. Especially if you figure out how to store things so they stay safe and in great condition.


Make an Early Start


It’s never too soon to begin accumulating all the accessories that help make the day perfect. But you need somewhere to put everything. Figure out how much space you’re likely to need, which will vary depending on the type of wedding you’re planning. Storing special dining furnishings will, for instance, demand more space than if you’re storing only the tableware.


Deciding on the amount of space needed informs the next decision, which is storage location. Maybe you can get away with a few boxes shared between family or friends, or maybe you have greater needs in which case a self storage unit might be the answer. Available in a large range of sizes, it’s an ideal solution:


  • It’s dedicated to just one purpose. What’s in there is only for your wedding.
  • It’s private. If you have items you wish to keep secret or hidden until the big reveal on the day, you’re sure no one has access to the room unless you authorise it.
  • You can fit out the room as you like, with garment rails, shelves or boxes. The only thing you can’t do is permanently fix things to the walls.
  • Handy locations that are easy to get to, and convenient opening hours.
  • Short term contracts, and if you need more or less space than you originally thought, you can quickly change.


Alternatives include setting aside a room at home, or ‘borrowing’ a room in a friend’s house. Finding somewhere big enough to keep everything together is the key concept here.


Wedding Dress Care and Storage


Finding your ideal wedding dress or bridesmaid outfits may happen straight away or take months. One thing’s certain, when you find ‘the one’ you just know it. Careful care and storage makes sure it stays in pristine, showroom condition whether you’re saving it for months or days:


  • Keep whites white by using only acid-free, PH-neutral wrappings or coverings.
  • Give wedding dresses space to breathe so they don’t get crushed or creased.
  • Add silica gel packets to storage boxes to help absorb any moisture and deter mildew.


If you’re planning to store your dress after the wedding, the same careful preparations will keep it fresh and protect from damage or pests in the long term. Have it specialist cleaned beforehand, and inspect it every so often to make sure all is well.


Reception or Wedding Breakfast Planning and Storage


Some of the things you may wish to collect and store include artificial flowers or finished table decorations, glassware which you’ll divide into different types, or bunting and streamers, lighting or candles. Store all these things in stackable, transparent boxes so you can see what’s inside. If you use cardboard storage containers, make sure they’re clearly labelled on all sides.


Sound systems for entertainment or speeches involve cables galore. Figure out what connects to what, and mark both the cable and device it attaches to with coloured tape. During set up, it’s easier to identify what goes where, and helps prevent a cable being forgotten.


Setting up designated wedding item storage early on gives you confidence to tackle more of the arranging yourself, and this can save money. There’s less chance of items getting lost or moved, and you’re more able to visualise progress and make sure everything corresponds to your chosen colour palette or theme.


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