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The Logistics of Having Your Wedding Abroad

The Important Extras! On Sep 21st, 2016 1825 0

So you’re out of your mind with excitement at the fact that it’s now official — you’re getting married and that dream wedding abroad you’ve fantasised about since way back when is finally going to happen. When all the excitement subsides a bit (the initial excitement that is, not the excitement about the wedding itself), it starts turning into a bit of nervous energy. You realise that planning any wedding is a huge commitment with any number of things that could go wrong, let alone a wedding abroad.




Make no mistake about it — it’s really going to take a lot to plan a successful wedding abroad, but if you focus on all the details of the logistics, even the tiniest of these, you should have no problems enjoying one of the biggest and best days of your life with no huge hiccups to write home about. What you need to know however is that you must be prepared for some things to go wrong. It wouldn’t have been perfect even if you were having a garden ceremony in your own backyard, so it definitely won’t be perfect if you take it abroad. That said however, with regards to the logistical side of things, some proper pre-planning well in advance will cover a lot of organisational elements quite well.


Set a Date and Stick to It


Okay, don’t set it immediately and then have it cast in stone. The first date should be a ball-park day, so after setting this ball-park date, put it out there and get a feel for everyone’s availability. If the date is set well in advance, nobody can really have an excuse not to attend (unless they really don’t want to), so you can then proceed to make some solid plans with regards to booking the venue, the transport and everything else which should form part of the proceedings.


The final date set should be non-negotiable and since you’ll likely have paid a deposit by the time the big day arrives, the fact that it’s a wedding taking place abroad should have everybody on board about what would happen if say something like a death were to occur leading up to the ceremony. Does the wedding go on as usual? It’s up to you, but just ensure to bring everybody on board.


Book Early


Wedding venue owners love clients who book early, so much so that they offer much more flexible terms on their cancellation policy. The importance of booking early however also means that you can plan effectively for some savings which would be made available to you as a result of travelling with a sizable group of people, so you could perhaps book out an entire ferry, get big discounts on a flight and more importantly, you can also plan for unfortunate events such as flight delays and how to perhaps claim compensation for what would likely be very expensive delays in that regard.


So basically set a date well in advance, stick to the finalised date and book really, really early and your planned wedding abroad will be covered by way of the logistics.


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