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Top 5 tips when choosing a wedding limousine

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Choosing a limousine isn’t something most people do on a regular basis – if at all in their lives. When it comes to deciding which is best for a wedding then, there’s no wonder brides aren’t really sure which one will fit their big day.  Some choose based on the color, some on the model and others opt for certain features but it’s the overall package which is important.


Here then are 5 tips to help you choose the best wedding limousine for you.


  1. A complementary vehicle for your wedding


Many couples now have a theme to their wedding so choosing a limousine which complements the style is a must. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean it matches exactly, more that it fits in with every other aspect.


If you’re holding a large, traditional wedding at a country house then perhaps a classic Excalibur 1956 could be the vehicle you’re looking for. If you’re having a fun day with an informal dress code, then maybe a Hummer in an unusual shade such as pink or yellow would really top the occasion.


  1. Correct size for the number of passengers


The size of the limousine is a consideration to make when planning the day. You need to decide if it’s one car you need for you and your intended to travel to the ceremony and back or if you are to be providing transport for a number of guests. You may want to combine the experience and ride with the entire wedding party once you are married and with Bergen Limo Party Bus rental, NJ is a great place to accommodate not only you and the one you love, but many others at the same time as it seats up to 26.


  1. The use of the limousine


Think carefully about how the limousine will be used. If it’s only for the journey from home to the church, choose one which is small but luxurious. If you want to look after guests at the end of the evening, having an understated limousine on standby is the perfect way to help those who perhaps need a lift to their hotel. Many brides want the limousine to be a central feature to the day and include it in the back drop to their photo shoot, so one which looks great as a backdrop is an excellent idea.


  1. Budget


Every bride has a budget they need to keep to, even those with the most glamorous days planned have to carefully consider where the money will be spent.

Hiring a limousine for a wedding doesn’t mean blowing your budget as there’s often package deals available as well as options such as hiring by the hour or for a half or whole day. Talk to your chosen limousine hire company about your thoughts and together you can put together a great price for a classy vehicle.


  1. Great service is vital


A stunning looking limousine booked well in advance may mean ticking the task off the to-do list but if there’s the chance it could turn up late and looking dirty then the magic of the day is seriously in jeopardy. Check out reviews and only use a professional company with evidenced outstanding customer service. You don’t want to spend the minutes before you’re due at the altar telephoning for a taxi because your wonderful Lincoln limo hasn’t arrived.


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