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Top four tips for choosing your photographer

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Many brides can feel are apprehensive about choosing their photographer. After all, they are there to capture the most memorable moments of your big day, as well as the ones you didn’t even know were happening. You don’t get to see the finished product until after everything is done with, so there’s an element of risk. Hopefully though, with the right guidance, you should be able to limit it. 


Today’s post should give you the top tips you need to choose your photographer with confidence. 


1) Decide on your style 


This is probably the most important decision to make regarding your photos, and it all comes down to two things: your personality and your theme. 


Think about what you’re like as a couple; are you a vibrant pair, always the life of the party? Then you’ll probably prefer bold, edgy photography. Is your theme vintage and glamorous with a hint of Downton Abbey about it? Then you might prefer a romantic, arty style instead. 


The photographs need to reflect who you are, but also capture the feel of your wedding that you worked so hard to create. 


2) Ask around for recommendations 


Once you’ve decided your style, start researching and asking around. Don’t be afraid to ring up and talk to people; you’re not committed to buying anything from an enquiry. 

Just have the most important points about you day written down, as well as a list of basic questions that you can ask each of them. If you don’t know where to start with this, you can find a great checklist right here 


If they tick all the right boxes over the phone, then ask to meet them in person and see some albums of the style you have requested. 


3) Choose someone who understands you 


When you meet up with a photographer, how you get on together is crucial. Someone might have incredible recommendations, but then you find you don’t gel well at all. In this instance, always go with your gut instinct. 


There will always be tonnes of fantastic photographers, but you only have one chance to capture your wedding day. They are supposed to be there to seek out those special shots and intimate moments. If you’re not on the same wavelength, they’ll miss them, not understanding what’s important to you. 


4) Make sure they match your needs 


Finally, when it comes to the services provided, you should always ensure that they can give you everything you want for your big day. Many photographers now have package deals which are easily comparable between suppliers, but look out for those special additions that you can’t get across the board. For example, this wedding photographer in Leeds can provide a photo booth for your guests, as well as wedding films and letter hire. 


I hope this has given you some guidance in photographer selection. Let me know how it goes, and leave a comment if you have any tips of your own.


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