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Top Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding

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Holding your wedding ceremony outside is a brilliant way to add a unique element to your ceremony. Although getting married outside can be complicated to arrange in the UK, it’s much easier if you want to have your wedding abroad. It can make your special day even more memorable, but marrying in the great outdoors also presents its own set of challenges. Beach weddings are particularly popular with lots of couples, but they can take meticulous planning to get them right. If you want to have a beach wedding, you need to think about the setup, the timing and the practicality of being on the sand and by the sea. Use these tips to plan your beach wedding to go off without a hitch.

Choose Your Location

The first thing you need to do if you want to have a beach wedding is pick a location. You won’t be able to marry on the beach in the UK, and you probably don’t want to either. Yes, there are lots of lovely British beaches, but there would be too many weather-related risk factors to contend with. So you need somewhere with beautiful beaches and reliably sunny weather. And there are tonnes of places to choose from. You could go to the US, Mexico, Italy, or any number of places in the Caribbean. Getting married in Bali is an option that a lot of couples go for, and it’s an excellent choice if you want to travel afterwards. You can find a hotel who will help you arrange everything, from the ceremony to the reception. Remember, you don’t have to hold the party on the beach too.


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Know What Is and Isn’t Allowed

If you’re having a beach wedding, it’s essential to know what you can and can’t do. Countries are protective of their stunning beaches, naturally, so there are rules to follow. What you’ll be allowed to do will depend on whether it’s a public or private beach. It might be owned by the hotel you’re working with or it could be a beach everyone has access to. You need to know about things like having a fire and other open flames, noise restrictions and drinking alcohol. Getting permission to drink on the beach could be difficult in some places, so don’t bank on having the champagne flowing.

Decide on Seating

You’ve probably seen photos or videos of beautiful beach setups with rows of white chairs and an aisle down the middle. It’s a lovely setup that you might want for your own ceremony. But it will require hiring chairs, transporting them to the beach and setting them up in the sand so that they’re stable. You might have someone to do that for you, but you could save yourself the hassle and expense. If you provide a few chairs or benches for elderly, disabled, pregnant or very young guests, everyone else could stand. It would be great for an informal ceremony, and most people are unlikely to mind.

If a beach wedding is what you want, remember that it will be a more casual affair. You can’t be overly formal if you wish to walk through the sand and have a breeze brushing through your hair.


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