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Wedding Etiquette: What Should You Buy For The Bridesmaids?

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It is a common practice in wedding etiquette to buy presents for the bridesmaids to show your gratitude and appreciation for them and everything that they have done to help and support you through your entire wedding process. It is important to present your bridesmaids with something beautiful, useful and personal that they deserve and will cherish in your memory forever. Here are some simple but useful tips that you can follow while buying gifts for your bridesmaids.



●Don’t wait till the last minute to get your bridesmaids’ gifts, there is no specific time for that. Buy the gifts as soon as you have fixed your wedding date because as you keep getting closer to your date you’ll be too busy and won’t have the time to shop. This way you’ll have more time to carefully pick the gifts.


● Make sure to set a budget for your bridesmaids’ gifts keeping in mind how many bridesmaids you are having and what you want to get each of them. Whether it is different presents for everyone or a common themed present for all, try to keep a very similar fixed budget for each bridesmaid. However you may spend slightly more lavishly on your chief bridesmaid as she is taking up so many responsibilities for you and deserves a little special treatment.


● It would also be ideal to take care of travel, accommodation and clothing expenses of your bridesmaids as they are taking precious time to be there for you on your wedding day.


● The best time to hand out the presents to your bridesmaids would be at your bridal shower, hen party or the rehearsal dinner. Some people prefer doing it during the wedding reception. You can also toast each one of your bridesmaids in the presence of friends and family and that will be the most appreciative gift you can ever give them.


● Make sure you buy gifts that are useful and timeless and will be truly appreciated by your bridesmaids.




Here are few ideal gift ideas for bridesmaids:


Jewelry boxes: You could get pretty little jewelry boxes for your bridesmaids as they are a highly useful and a classic present that any bridesmaid will love.
Card cases: Fancy or decorative card cases is an excellent gift idea as it can hold credit cards, membership cards and even cash and it is a stylish accessory piece.
Decorative cosmetic bags: This is another pretty and usable present for bridesmaids. What woman wouldn’t want a trendy and handy cosmetic bag for her make-up?
Printed aprons: If any of your bridesmaids loves cooking you could get her a stylish printed apron that she can use in her kitchen.
Lipsticks and nail polishes: These are ideal gifts for any young bridesmaid and you could get them in shades that your bridesmaids can use for your wedding.
▪ Monogrammed stationery: This an excellent personalised gift especially for bridesmaids who love to correspond the old fashioned way with letters.


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