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Wedding Weekend Wear for Less

The Important Extras! On May 03rd, 2016 2091 0

When it comes to wedding time, everyone focuses on the white dress and tux, but people seem to neglect the fact that you need to wear clothes for the rest of the weekend as well. It’s true that weddings can be as short as 45 minutes, but most people are happy to extend the celebration by a bit. Considering that this is a once in a lifetime event, you may want to think about making the celebration and entire weekend.


Weddings are usually a time where relatives come from far away, so they are going to want to stick around for a few days, not just fly in for an evening and then leave again. For that matter, if you are planning a wedding, you may want to plan activities or meals for a day before and after the big event.


If you’re going to extend the festivities, you will need to consider some extra clothing. You can’t just wear a white wedding dress or make your man wear his tux from breakfast until dinner for three days in a row. You’ll need some casual attire that you can relax in, but also something that looks sharp and commands the respect of your relatives- after all, this will be your first time meeting many of your new relatives.


Shopping at the Gap provides reliable, good-looking attire at a low price. With help from great discount codes from Groupon UK, you can outfit your wardrobe with ease. You’ll need to cover items like shoes, pants, shirts, dresses, and depending in the time of year, sweaters and jackets as well. There’s no sense in wearing the same clothes for three days straight- that is not how you are going to create the ultimate atmosphere of relaxation and celebration.


Sure, creating an extended celebration is a little more work than a single event, but this is a once in a lifetime celebration for you and your family. If you want to celebrate your new life in high style, try organizing a few meals outside of the wedding dinner, perhaps an excursion out on the town or into a local park, or even attend a show together. All the while, you can sport some great new outfits that show just how wonderful your new life is.


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