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What Are The Jobs Of The Chief Bridesmaid?

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One of the most important people in a bride’s life before her wedding is her chief bridesmaid or her matron of honour. The chief bridesmaid has a crucial part to play before, during and after the wedding and therefore a bride usually picks someone who is very close to her that she can trust and depend on like a best friend, sister or cousin. The chief bridesmaid advices and supports the bride in the process of all the wedding preparations and makes sure that the bride is always in good and positive mind set before her big day. In order to achieve this every good chief bridesmaid has certain jobs or duties that she must fulfill. Let’s take a look at what they are.



● Helping the bride choose her wedding gown and bridesmaid and flower girl dresses: One of the most important tasks for a bride is to choose her wedding gown and she may take a very long time to do this with many shopping trips. A good chief bridesmaid must be patient and helpful to the bride during this entire process by accompanying the bride for gown shopping and dress fittings. She should advice the bride on what style or cut of gown to choose that will suit the bride and also help pick out accessories like veil, jewelry and also make-up. She should also help the bride to choose bridesmaid and flower girl dresses and accessories.


● Throwing a hen party for the bride: It’s the duty of the chief bridesmaid to make arrangement s for the bride’s hen party. She must make the invitation list, pick a venue and theme and also arrange food, drinks and party favours for the hen party. She must make it a night the bride won’t forget.



● Getting bridesmaids and flower girls ready on the wedding day: The chief bridesmaid must take charge of seeing that the bridesmaids and flower girls are dressed properly and ready before the wedding as the bride will have no time to check on such things. She should make sure that the entire bridal party looks beautiful, coordinated and presentable.


● Helping the bride get ready: A chief bridesmaid must also help the bride get ready before the wedding. This includes going to the beauty parlor with the bride for manicure, hair and make-up and helping the bride wear the dress, shoes and veil. She should also ensure that the bride is ready and arrives at the church or venue of the wedding on time.



● Helping the bride at the church: She should help the bride get out of the car carefully, smooth out the bride’s gown and arrange the veil properly. She must help the bride up the church steps before she can enter with her father and make sure that the bridesmaids and flower girls are in their positions.


● Giving a speech or toast at the reception: Once the wedding is over the chief bridesmaid can relax a bit as she has only one more task to do and that is to make her speech or toast in honour of the bride and groom at the reception party.


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